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About ASK-Pack

ASK Pack specializes in high-quality premium mattress bags for professional use. Our mattress bags offer very good workmanship and material quality, easy handling and high tear resistance within a well-thought-out product range. We supply hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, mattress manufacturers, removal companies and freight forwarders throughout Europe.

The Film Thickness

Through our practical experience, we know how difficult it is to transport a bulky and often flabby mattress. When worn, the film must not tear because of the weight.

The tear strength and stability of our mattress bags is adapted to the mattress size and weight. For mattresses up to a width of 1.40m we use a foil thickness of 100μ, from 1,60m a foil thickness of 120μ. This ensures safe transport and optimum protection of the mattress.

In particular, the material thickness determines the manufacturing price, many manufacturers do not name the material thicknesses and sell thin films as mattress bags.

The Closure

All bags have a reusable adhesive closure for easy closing – so no own adhesive tape is necessary! A particularly comfortable closure solution offers our zipper variant for mattresses up to 30cm in height.

The Length

To ensure that the mattress bags fold well and close, all our adhesive closure products have an extra length of 2.60 m. This ensures a simple and secure closure for up to 220cm long mattresses.

Our Products:

Mattress Bag Junior Premium Plus
Mattress Bag Junior Premium Zipper
Mattress Bag Single Premium Plus
Mattress Bag Single Premium Zipper
Mattress Bag Full Premium Plus
Mattress Bag Twin Premium Plus
Mattress Bag Twin Premium Zipper
Mattress Bag Queen Premium Plus
Mattress Bag Single Premium Zipper
Mattress Bag Double Premium Plus
Mattress Bag King Premium Plus
Mattress Bag King Premium Zipper

Bags and all closures are reusable multiple times!

Adhesive Closure

Reusable multiple times
No own adhesive tape necessary
For up to 25cm high mattresses
Extra long, for up to 220cm long mattresses
ASK-Pack with adhesive closure


For frequent opening and closing
Comfortable and long lasting
Extra high, for up to 30cm high mattresses
For up to 200cm long mattresses
  • Safe protection against moisture, dust, dirt and pests – hardwearing, robust and tear-resistant
  • Material: LDPE quality film – odorless – transparent
  • Individually clean and hygienically packed.

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